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Shadow And Bone Netflix Adaptation Updates

On June 21, Christina Strain, one of the writers/producers on Netflix’s adaptation of Shadow And Bone shared tweets stating the “wrap on the writers room for season 1 …”

The featured photo of the first tweet is a shot of various knives in a circle.

In the second tweet, Strain shared information about the knives and stated:

For those of you asking if these are Inej’s knives: They are…”

Christina Strain (@christinastrain)

In addition to this photo of Inej Ghafa’s knives, creator, writer and showrunner Eric Heisserer shared in a quote tweet, “Hard to tell in this pic, but each knife is inscribed with the name of a saint. #SanktaAlina #NoMournersNoFunerals…”

The news of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse being adapted for Netflix was originally announced January 10, 2019 via Deadline.

As of June 17 & 19, Bardugo and Heisserer answered tweets in regards to casting. Both shared that Alina’s casting was the only “open call” they could “afford.”

Other recent news in regards to the adaptation also came from Bardugo’s newsletter from May 28, 2019 which states:

” Location scouting has begun! I’d love to be there but, y’know, books to write, and I still get to wake up to exciting new images on my phone every morning. We’ve also had some major developments in casting. I can’t say more just yet, but I’m truly over the moon. And I have to admit . . . Watching auditions for this show has been overwhelming in ways I never anticipated. The reality of seeing someone embody a character that began in my head and heart ten years ago is so crazy and incredible…”

Thoughts on this news for the Grishaverse Netflix adaptation?

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