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A Neon Darkness by Lauren Shippen Cover Reveal

Over at Den Of Geek on April 17, the cover was revealed for Lauren Shippen’s second installment in The Bright Sessions series, inspired by her science fiction podcast of the same name titled, A Neon Darkness.

The Bright Sessions is told through the therapy session recordings of everyday people with superpowers called Atypicals. However the show also discusses mental health, alongside delving deep into each character of the series and their story. There’s conspiracy, romance, and its a show celebrated not only for its stellar representation of mental health, but for featuring a lot of Queer characters and diverse cast.

A Neon Darkness is a standalone which will follow who listeners know as Damien, but whose real name is Robert Gorham and his life at 18 years old. He has the ability to manipulate people’s minds and impose his want onto others.

Alongside the cover reveal was also an excerpt of the prologue and first chapter. The artwork is done by Victor Ngai and cover design is done by Esther Sarah Kim.

Los Angeles, 2006. Eighteen-year-old Robert Gorham arrives in L.A. amid the desert heat and the soft buzz of neon. He came alone with one goal: he wants to see the ocean. And Robert always gets what he wants.

At a very young age, Robert discovered he had the unusual ability to make those close to him want whatever he wants. He wanted dessert instead of dinner? His mother served it. He wanted his Frisbee back? His father walked off the roof to bring it to him faster. He wanted to be alone? They both disappeared. Forever.

But things will be different in L.A. He meets a group of strange friends who could help him. Friends who can do things like produce flames without flint, conduct electricity with their hands, and see visions of the past. They call themselves Unusuals and finally, finally, Robert belongs.

When a tall figure, immune to their powers, discovers them, the first family that Robert has ever wanted is at risk of being destroyed. The only way to keep them
all together is to get his powers under control.

But control is a sacrifice he might not be willing to make.

A Neon Darkness by Lauren Shippen is set to be released September 29, 2020!

To see what you can expect in the first book, The Infinite Noise you can check out my full review Here!

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