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Starlight by Lauren Jade Cover Reveal

On January 10, Lauren Jade Case revealed the cover to her upcoming debut fantasy titled, Starlight!

The novel has been pitched as an upper Young Adult fantasy following Natalia Whitebell, whose looking to celebrate her 18th birthday, but when she finds a giant scorpion, a wolf, and a body on her doorstep only to quickly disappear, and news of a large dog running wild, she knows something isn’t right.

Taken in by a new family in town, she learns of a magical war with Monsters, Creatures, and her own magical abilities she can’t seem to unlock.

According to her Twitter, Jade has pitched the novel as perfect for those who like “Stabby girls/soft boys / Monsters and supernatural Creatures + a war between them / Untold darkness coming for the MC.”

Starlight is the first novel of a The Starlight Trilogy. The cover artist and illustrator is Gabrielle Ragusi.

“You’re like starlight itself, Natalia. You burn with all the power and shine of a star.”

Natalia Whitebell wanted her eighteenth birthday to be a simple affair and not for there to be a giant scorpion, a wolf, and a body at her doorstep. But in a blink, it all disappears.

When she finally does get to celebrate with her best friend, there’s gossip from the Island locals about a new family having moved in and of a large dog running wild – but no mention of more.

She thinks she’s going mad. Until she’s attacked in her own home just one day later.

Rescued and taken in by the new family, Natalia discovers the world isn’t so black and white. Stuck in an endless war, there are Monsters and there are Creatures. And she’s one of them.

While she cannot seem to reveal her true form, sealing her deal with trouble, she must accept this life that was always meant to be hers. It’s time she learnt the truth and acquire help from her father, the new family, and one boy in particular.

But there is a darkness lurking, waiting for her to unfurl.

Starlight by Lauren Jade Case is set to be released in late 2021!

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