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Great Goddesses by Nikita Gill Cover Reveal

Nikita Gill, poet and author, revealed through her twitter on June 11, the cover for her upcoming poetry book titled: Great Goddesses.

Her upcoming poetry collection, Great Goddesses: Life Lessons From Myth And Monsters, features retold legends and history of Ancient Greece.

According to Gill’s twitter post, the collection will focus on “reimagined tales from Greek Mythos about radical women, goddesses and monsters!”

Similar to her previous collections, Great Goddesses will also feature hand-drawn illustrations.

“Bestselling poet, writer, and Instagram sensation Nikita Gill returns with a collection of poetry and prose retelling the legends of the Goddesses, both great and small, in their own words.

With lyrical prose and striking verse, beloved poet Nikita Gill (Fierce Fairytales, Wild Embers) uses the history of Ancient Greece and beyond to explore and share the stories of the mothers, warriors, creators, survivors, and destroyers who shook the world. In pieces that burn with empathy and admiration for these women, Gill unearths the power and glory of the very foundations of mythology and culture that have been too-often ignored or pushed aside. 

Complete with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, Gill’s poetry and stories weave old and forgotten tales of might and love into an empowering collection for the modern woman.

Great Goddesses: Life Lessons From Myth And Monsters by Nikita Gill is set to be released September 3, 2019!