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Tokyo Dreaming by Emiko Jean Cover Reveal

As of October 15, Reese’s Book Club revealed the sequel cover to Emiko Jean’s 2021 NYT Bestselling novel Tokyo Ever After through Twitter. The forthcoming second book titled Tokyo Dreaming is slated for a May 2022 release!

The first novel follows Izumi Tanaka an ordinary girl who soon discovers clues to her father’s identity, leading her to realize he is a crown prince, making Izzy a princess. After making her way to Japan, she’s meeting royal cousins, attending events and trying to figure out her feelings when it comes to her new bodyguard.

Now she has to quickly learn thousands of years of customs and much more as she takes on her role as princess but more importantly, trying to figure out where she belongs.

The sequel will follow Izzy overcoming her initial hurdles as princess, finding her place and with a royal wedding on the horizon! A full summary states:

When Japanese-American Izumi Tanaka learned her father was the Crown Prince of Japan, she became a princess overnight. Now, she’s overcome conniving cousins, salacious press, and an imperial scandal to finally find a place she belongs. She has a perfect bodyguard turned boyfriend. Her stinky dog, Tamagotchi, is living with her in Tokyo. Her parents have even rekindled their college romance and are engaged. A royal wedding is on the horizon! Izumi’s life is a Tokyo dream come true.


Her parents’ engagement hits a brick wall. The Imperial Household Council refuses to approve the marriage citing concerns about Izumi and her mother’s lack of pedigree. And on top of it all, her bodyguard turned boyfriend makes a shocking decision about their relationship. At the threat of everything falling apart, Izumi vows to do whatever it takes to help win over the council. Which means upping her newly acquired princess game.

But at what cost? Izumi will do anything to help her parents achieve their happily ever after, but what if playing the perfect princess means sacrificing her own? Will she find a way to forge her own path and follow her heart?

Tokyo Ever After was selected as Reese’s Book Club pick during Summer 2021. Cover artist is John Ed De Vera.

Tokyo Dreaming by Emiko Jean is set to be released May 31, 2022!

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Blog Tour: Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean

On The Booked Shelf is the first ever Blog Tour post courtesy of Flatiron Books to celebrate the release of Emiko Jean’s Tokyo Ever After, which released on May 18! As part of the tour, we’ll be highlighting this novel.

This YA Contemporary follows Japanese-American Izumi Tanaka who lives an ordinary life in a small, northern California town with her mother. Until one day, she uncovers a clue leading her to realize that her father is the Crown Prince of Japan, making her a princess.

Then when Izzy travels to Japan to meet the father she never knew, she’s got to quickly learn thousands of years of customs as she takes on her role of princess. However, in addition to that she’s meeting her royal cousins, attending events and trying to figure out her own feelings when it comes to her scowling, handsome bodyguard.

Finding herself caught between worlds, will Izumi crumble under the weight of the crown or have a happily ever after?

Tokyo Ever After is pitched as Crazy Rich Asians meets The Princess Diaries. The novel has also been selected as Reese’s Book Club pick for the Summer.

Cover artist is John Ed De Vera.

Author Bio: When Emiko is not writing, she is reading. Most of her friends are imaginary. Before she became a writer she was an entomologist (fancy name for bug catcher), a candle maker, a florist, and most recently a teacher. She lives in Washington with her husband and children (unruly twins). She loves the rain.

Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean is out now! Will you be reading this new YA release?