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Young Adult Fall Book Tours 2019!

This fall you can expect to see some amazing authors on tour! Will these beloved and debut authors be coming to a city near you?

Today on The Booked Shelf I’ll be sharing 3 publisher tour schedules for you to plan out your fall and hopefully see one of these authors at an event!

Fierce Reads

With anticipated releases such as Marie Lu’s Rebel and the finale to Marissa Meyer’s Renegades series, you can check out both of these authors on tour:

Marie Lu’s tour for Rebel includes cities such as Boise, St. Paul, Brookline & Coral Gables. Her first tour stop will be in San Francisco at Books Inc. Opera Plaza, on October 1!

Stops for Marissa Meyer are to promote Anarchy and her tour will include cities like Denver, Portland, Tacoma, and even Canada! Full schedule can be found here!

Next, there’ll also be a Fierce Reads 2019 Fall Tour! Which will include authors such as L.L. Mckinney, alongside debut authors Sara Faring, Katy Rose Pool and Margaret Owen! This tour will start at the end of September!

Their stops will include bookstores such as Parnassus Books, Anderson’s Bookshop and more!

Little Brown Books For Young Readers (The NOVL)

Holly Black will be going on tour to promote the final book in her Folk Of The Air series, The Queen Of Nothing!

The full schedule was revealed via Entertainment Weekly on August 29! States include Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Texas, New York and more!

Her tour tour will be begin in mid-November! Also, don’t miss out on the exclusive Indie Bookstore pre-order campaign, more info can be found here!

Tor Teen

During the month of September, you can find these authors on tour from the publisher Tor Books:

Cora Carmack, Mark Oshiro, Jillian Boehme, and Lauren Shippen!

From contemporary, fantasy, and sc-fi, there’s Tor authors from many different genres headed on tour!

A couple authors will have 1 tour stop (Oshiro & Boehme) while others will have up to 5 stops across the US (Carmack & Shippen).

Will you be seeing any of these authors on tour?