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Reclaimed Classics Series Is Coming In 2021!

On April 14, it was announced through Publishers Weekly that the Reclaimed Classics series will be released starting in Spring 2021 with Feiwel & Friends, featuring authors of color.

Four books in total will be part of this series, with release dates in 2021 (Spring & Fall) and 2022 (Winter & Spring).

The PW article states that these retellings will “uphold the core plot points, characters, and themes of the familiar versions of classic novels, yet these key components will be filtered through the lenses of the writers’ diverse experiences.”

C.B. Lee will kick-off the series with a Treasure Island retelling. Lee mentioned that it “was first on [her] list because when [she] was in school, [she] was fascinated by Chinese maritime history and for [her], re-envisioning this novel from a Chinese cultural perspective was a no-brainer.”

Second, Bethany C. Morrow plans to re-imagine Little Women featuring a Black family, which’ll be set “at the Freedmen’s Colony of Roanoke Island in 1863, a time when some of the residents were emancipated and some were not.”

Retelling this “supposedly universal story,” Morrow highlighted that “it takes place during the Civil War, but doesn’t involve or present any narratives of Black American women at the time.”

Morrow stated that if Little Women is a “universal story of love and sisterhood, then [her] novel will be a welcome adaptation among many.”

The third retelling will be written by Aminah Mae Safi, reimagining Robin Hood set during the Mideval 19th century.

Safi plans to center the story on a “Muslim girl’s adventure during the Third Crusade.” She added that “[Robin’s] someone who is deeply invested in the status quo and in his fight to rob the rich to give to the poor because he wants his own ancestral lands back. By taking this medieval legend of a crusader and turning that into the story of a young Muslim woman who is fighting to protect her own homeland from invaders and her own region’s fragile peace, I can also reclaim a piece of history. The medieval world was incredibly diverse and incredibly global. We all deserve to be able to see that.”

The final book in this series will be written by Tasha Suri who’ll be reimagining Wuthering Heights. Suri plans to weave in a “little-known part of history” when the British colonized India. White men traveled there, had children with Indian women and if the children passed as white, they were then sent back to England to be integrated into ‘proper’ white society.

Suri wants to “write a reclamation that says: everyone comes from somewhere, and colonialism may try to make us its monsters, but we don’t have to let it. I hope my re-imagining will also help make readers a little more aware of the long, long history of South Asians in Britain. There’s so much history that we’re not taught that young readers deserve to know…”

Emily Settle will be the assistant editor of this series and ” ‘absolutely’ anticipates that Reclaimed Classics will extend beyond the inaugural four titles…”

The series is now available to add on Goodreads!

Reclaimed Classics is set to be released in 2021!

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Young Adult Book Cover Reveals For June 17 & 18!

Throughout the these past couple days, there have been tons of cover reveals for upcoming Young Adult & crossover fantasy titles!

1. The Silence Of Bones by June Hur

Via the Fierce Reads website, on June 17 the cover for June Hur’s historical murder-mystery set in 1800’s Korea, The Silence Of Bones was revealed! The article also shared a note from Hur on the cover and her inspiration for her novel.

The Silence Of Bones by June Hur is set to be released April 21, 2020!

2. A Phoenix First Must Burn edited by Patrice Caldwell

This upcoming anthology features 16 stories featuring “prominent authors of color”and Bustle revealed the cover alongside the introduction to the anthology from Caldwell!

A Phoenix First Must Burn is a science fiction-fantasy anthology that will spotlight Black girls and non-conforming teens.

The anthology will feature authors such as Elizabeth Acevedo, Somaiya Daud, Rebecca Roanhorse, and more!

A Phoenix First Must Burn edited by Patrice Caldwell is set to be released March 10, 2020!

3.Empire Of Dreams by Rae Carson

Revealed through Carson’s twitter on June 17, was the cover for her next fantasy novel Empire Of Dreams!

Carson will return to the world of The Girl Of Fire And Thorns in this standalone fantasy.

Empire Of Dreams by Rae Carson is set to be released February 4, 2020!

*Date to be confirmed b/c Carson’s twitter says April 2020, while Goodreads and other retailers say Feb. 2020!

4. Realm Of Ash by Tasha Suri

On June 18, Book Riot revealed the cover for Tasha Suri’s upcoming epic fantasy novel, Realm Of Ash which is the sequel to Empire Of Sand!

This upcoming sequel is set to focus on Arwa, Mehr’s sister from Empire Of Sand.

Suri shared on twitter that Realm will feature “politics, betrayal, curmudgeonly old women, gentle ravenclaw princes (1), blood, fury, pigeons (mostly pigeons), and finding your way home…”

Realm Of Ash by Tasha Suri is set to be released November 12, 2019!

5. Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan

The sequel to Duncan’s gothic fantasy debut, Wicked Saints had its cover reveal through Paste Magazine on June 18!

Alongside the reveal to Ruthless Gods, an excerpt was also revealed.

Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan is set to be released April 7, 2020!