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The Tea Dragon Tapestry by Katie O’Neill Is Coming This Fall!

An exclusive announcement from School Library Journal on February 4 revealed that Katie O’Neill’s award-winning webcomic turned graphic novel, The Tea Dragon Society, would be getting a third and final book titled:

The Tea Dragon Tapestry

According to a press release, O’Neill shared that returning to the world of tea dragons that she crafted back in 2017 one last time, would bring “great joy.” It was also mentioned that she “could not have imagined the warmth and enthusiasm that would meet these characters and creatures.”

The exclusive announcement also included a cover reveal, summary, and preview of the art.

Here is the full summary for The Tea Dragon Tapestry:

It’s been over a year since she was entrusted with Ginseng’s care and Greta still can’t chase away the cloud of mourning that hangs over the timid Tea Dragon. As she struggles to create something spectacular enough to impress a master blacksmith in search of an apprentice, she questions the true meaning of crafting, and the true meaning of caring for someone in grief.

Meanwhile, Minette receives a surprise package from the monastery where she was once training to be a prophetess. Thrown into confusion about her path in life, the shy and reserved Minette finds that the more she opens her heart to others, the more clearly she can see what was always inside.

Long-time series editor, Ari Yarwood also shared her thoughts, having worked on the series.

“It’s been an absolute joy working on The Tea Dragon series with Katie O’Neill, and I’m so proud of the kind and beautiful world she’s created. I hope that readers find something they need in these books.”

Ari Yarwood via SLJ

Here at The Booked Shelf, it’s nothing but joy and excitement for this addition to a phenomenal series! I fell in love with this series as a webcomic and I’m thrilled to be returning to the Tea Dragon world, visiting Greta, Minette, and all the other fantastic characters. Looking forward to seeing more of Katie’s beautiful art and being immersed in her delightful storytelling in this final book!

The Tea Dragon Tapestry by Katie O’Neill is set to be released September 1, 2020!